Workshop onGlass Chemical Strengthening by Ion Exchange” will be held during 2017 ICG Annual Meeting. Participation is free of charge.  However, due to limited space, registration is required.  If you would like to join this workshop, please use our online registration module here. A short booklet on chemical tempering and the presented slides will be distributed during the workshop.

Date: 24th of October

Time: 08:30-10:30(2 hours)

Location: Marmara Room

Key points of the workshop:

  • Residual concentration of invading ions in glass during ion exchange
  • Stress build up and relaxation
  • Strength determination
  • Ion Exchange process/product control


Guglielmo Macrelli, Isoclima SpA

Guglielmo Macrelli is a senior scientist at Isoclima SpA – R&D Department. He has a background in physics and chemistry. He has been active since 1990 in many glass science areas: ion exchange in silicate glasses, thin film optical coatings and glass mechanical properties. He has a long time (more than 25 years) experience in research and development and plant production control for chemical strengthening of silicate glasses by ion exchange. He has an extended experience in laboratory testing and measuring for glass strength and residual stress in glass and he authored a number of scientific papers and conference presentations. He organized workshops on this topic in the past three editions of GPD (2013, 2015, 2017). Guglielmo Macrelli participates to standardization drafting groups in both ISO and ASTM and he is member of the American Ceramic Society.