If you’re visiting Turkey as a tourist or on business, you can now get an e-visa online before you travel. From 10 April 2014 you will not be able to get a visa on arrival. Please be informed that certain nationalities require a visa for entry to Turkey. It is your responsibility as a delegate to check the visa requirement status for your nationality and complete the proper entry visa issues for Turkey. Since 17 April 2013, certain nationalities can complete visa issues electronically (e-Visa) via the www.evisa.gov.tr website. For delegates whose nationalities are not eligible for an e-Visa, need to complete the visa issues at a Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Turkey in their country.
Please Note the Following Important Points:
• Delegates must choose a Single Entry Visa for the ICG 2017 Meeting .
• Passports are required to be valid for at least six months longer than the expiry date of the requested visa.
• Official Invitations required for certain nationalities, are only available for Confirmed ICG 2017 Meeting Delegates.
Step 1 – Getting Started • To determine if your nationality requires visa to enter Turkey, please visit: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa or check with your local Turkish Diplomatic Mission or Consulate
• To obtain information regarding the requirements of visa for Turkey, you should contact the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Turkey in your country/city (personally or through your authorised representative) or check via www.evisa.gov.tr
• To view the complete list of the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Turkey locations please visit the web site: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/turkish-representations.en.mfa
Step 2 – Required Documents for Delegates Not Eligible for e-Visa’s
• For the complete list of required documents to apply for a Turkish entry visa, please check the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Turkey in your country or the country where you live.
Step 3 – To obtainan Official Invitation Letter (IF Required)
The ICG 2017 Local Organising Committee supports delegates in obtaining their Official Invitation Letter as described in the details below:
• After completing your registration for the ICG 2017 Meeting and having received a confirmation e-mail, you may contact the Local Organising Secretariat requesting an Official Invitation Letter.
• The personalised “Official Invitation Letter” required by the Turkish authorities for visa issues will be sent to you via email and may take up to five (5) working days.
For further questions regarding the Official Invitation Letter, please contact the ICG 2017 Local Organising Secretariat at info@icgistanbul2017.com